Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time & Money

To describe it's importance, the Time is generally compared with Money.
However, the Time is too precious a commodity to be compared with any thing, least the money.
If we understand, the Time is actually our LIFE.
Like every thing else, both money and time(our life) are also God's Amanat with us, and these two things are on the top of the list of things about which we would be questioned after death i.e. how we earned (money) and how we spent our lives and money.
But apart from the questioning after death, the time is much more valuable than money, because......

1. Money, whether spent in justifiable manner or otherwise wasted, can be earned again.
Time - either spent wisely or otherwise, can not be retrieved.
2. Money can be saved for spending at an appropriate occasion in future
Time can not be saved like money- as it goes by - passes minute by minute -even if we dont
wish to consume it in any manner.

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