Sunday, October 21, 2007

A reminder

"What has come to you? You are happy and pleased with the paltry and worthless - easily obtainable pleasures of this world, and the deprivation of immense and abundant bounties of the Heaven does not grieve you" .
" if you and this world are both immortals and as if its wealth and pleasures are everlasting".
"Remember that it is better to have less in this world and more in the next, than to have more in this world and less in Heaven because very few things here are really beneficial and many are ultimately harmful"
"Undoubtedly, HE has made himself responsible for your livelihood and has ordained for good deeds. Under these circumstances beware lest you exert yourself continuously for that which has already been promised and allotted and neglect that which you have been ordered to. You feel it as your duty to concentrate solely on acquiring more and more of that which has already been guaranteed to you by God and to neglect the duties which He has laid down upon you"

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